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Taking Action Makes Things Happen

When is the best time to make a decision to take action? 

According to Jim Rohn, make a decision to take action when the idea is hot and the emotion is strong.  This is the best time.  If you are thinking about taking action Jim Rohn says do it now, immediately, pronto!

Why now? 

When people don’t make a decision to take action when emotion is strong the "Law of Diminishing Intent" sets in.

What is the law of diminishing intent? 

Simply put, The longer you wait to take action, the less likely you are to take action.  In other words, in those times when you have light bulb moments, whether someone has said something to you that makes sense or you have an "aha" moment where you receive clarity, the time to take action is that moment.  It's at these times of clarity where we have the highest level of energy to take action. 

Why Do Some Wait to Take Action?

So why do lots of us wait to take action even when we have these potentially life changing moments of clarity.  Ryan Holiday, author of  “The Obstacle is the Way” says:

Life can be frustrating.  Oftentimes we know what our problems are.  We may even know what to do about them.  But we fear that taking action is too risky, that we don’t have the experience or that it’s not how we pictured it or because it’s too expensive, because it’s too soon, because we think something better might come along, because it might not work .... you get the picture. ​​​​

What Happens When These Voices Get in Our Heads?

The answer is nothing!

Lots of people do nothing.  Holiday goes on to say "courage at its most basic level is taking action."

So Why are We Telling You This?  

Our role isn’t to sell you on the idea of starting your own online business.  That decision is up to you.  We know the time and the fit must be right.  Our role is to shine a light on what might be holding you back from taking action.  

What are the voices in your head? 

Something brought you to this place.  We suspect when you saw our video you had an “aha” moment and you want something more out of life.  Only you know what’s holding you back. 

We have reserved time on Thursday August 8th to speak with those of you who are ready to take action.  Simply click this link and book a time to speak with us.   If that day doesn't work, please just respond to this email and we will arrange a convenient time.

Together we can decide on steps to get you closer to living your ideal life.

Looking forward to speaking with you.

Bye for now!

Adrienne and Bob