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Technology is Changing Our Behaviours in Plain Sight

Increased Levels of Awareness

One of the benefits to having an online business is our increased level of awareness of our surroundings. Technology is changing our behaviours rapidly.  We notice situations in everyday life more than we ever did before.  Yesterday morning I went to the gym for the first time in a long time.  Bob and I prefer to walk every day, but this particular morning Bob was jumping on an early plane so unless I wanted to walk in the dark by myself, the gym was the best option.

Day-to-Day Insights Are All Around Us

A while ago we lost our keys in a taxi, never to be found again.  One of our gym fobs was on that set of keys so this morning when I went to the front desk I explained the situation and asked if I could have another fob. The young guy gave me that “you’re so old” look and said “Oh we don’t use fobs anymore, only cell phones.” 

Adapting to Our Changing World

He went on to say you must download the App and then enter a barcode number. He said “I didn’t have to download it here, I could do it at home."  My first thought was, I’m downloading it here, while on the stair master.  In my mind, I thought, I’ll show this young whipper snapper who’s old! 

Two Steps Forward ~ One Step Back

So I confidently downloaded the App and went to sign in and was stopped.  I thought oh no, do I have to ask for help? There was no record of my email, I was being blocked, ugh.  I was forced to ask a question.  So I went back to the front desk, apologized for disturbing this young guy, he had to take his ear phones out so he could hear me. He was listening to something else while working, perhaps a better “multi-tasker”  than most. 

Slow and Steady Change

We got it all sorted. The point is, technology is this “thing” that has crept up on us and changed our behaviours.  It hasn’t happened overnight, we slowly become conditioned and then before we know our behaviours change. 

Behaviour Shifts Mindsets

Similar to Adrienne's barcode story at the gym, barcodes decide if we get on the plane in airports.  Yesterday morning, without my "barcode" boarding pass, located on my cell phone, I wasn't going anywhere. 

Another example is tapping instead of swiping. At first when tapping came out I thought….I’m not tapping, how can that be secure?  Now if I purchase something over $100, I hear the voice in my head saying …. Ugh….now I have to put in 4 numbers …. that’s so much work!  We went from being afraid of tapping to being annoyed if we couldn’t. 

Technology has changed the way we pay bills, buy things, watch TV, order a taxi, get takeout, order a pizza, book a hotel, where we stay, how we travel .... the list is endless and impacts all of us.

Technology in Plain Sight

These are just a few examples of how technology silently creeps up and takes hold.  Make no mistake the online world is creeping and creeping fast!  Just look around at all the bricks and mortar stores in your neighbourhood that are closing.  Pier 1 Imports announced it would close 450 stores, including all its Canadian locations.  The Texas-based company has been struggling with increased competition from budget-friendly online retailers such as Wayfair. 

This is not a trend or a fad that's going away.  Online is here to stay and it will continue to gain momentum.

Society is Changing and So are Behaviours

Society is changing. Behaviours are being altered every day because of technology.  We have a sense of comfort knowing we are changing with the times.   Involvement with the Six Figure Mentor community ensures we stay up to date.  Change in this digital era is a constant.  Getting used to and embracing change is a survival skill in the digital world!

Maintain Your Voice in This Changing World

Online business gives people a voice in this changing world.  We have the privilege of connecting with you a few times a week, sharing our stories and our perspectives on how we see the world.  You may or may not agree with what we say. Online business provides an opportunity for people to share stories and connect with one another.  We are all in this together and we can all help one another make sense of it all!

Before We Know It …. Here We Are!

Yes, technology is changing our behaviour, almost without us knowing it.  You can take back control and connect with people in your way, helping to make the world a better place.  That’s the positive power of the internet.

Please reach out to us by responding to this email.  We look forward to hearing how you plan to make the world a better place.

Adrienne and Bob