The Masks We Wear Before and After Halloween - Wake the Fun Up

The Masks We Wear Before and After Halloween

Are you wearing a mask?

Lots of us do.  Halloween gives us permission to be someone besides ourselves. Or do we do that everyday?

Technology Is An Excuse to Wear a Mask

Look around and what you’ll see is people hiding behind their phones, their music, their computers.  Lots of us are physically present in the world, but we’re not emotionally engaged in the moment. We're risking missing moments and experiences we won't get back.

We Risk Missing Out On Everyday Moments When We Hide Behind Our Technology Masks

Hiding Keeps Us On the Sidelines 

We hide behind our screens too.  Technology has put a mask right in all of our hands with our cell phones.  Earphones block out the world.  Computer screens shield us from others.  Smart watches distract us.  Technology stops us from living in the moment.

Social Media Masks What's Really Going On

Think about social media. It's mask central! 

People are on vacation having fun, looking happy, energized and fulfilled.  We don’t see people who are stuck in cubicles at work, clock watching, hating every minute, or stuck in a lifeless relationship.  People are always smiling on insta and facebook.  In a digital moment people pose for social media and “mask” what’s really going on in their lives. 

We Can Hide Behind Our Masks ~ "Masking" Our Feelings

Why Masks?

We believe society gives us a message to act a certain way.  That's why most of us pretend. When we take off our masks, we are exposed and vulnerable.  Society says vulnerability is a sign of weakness.  

Ask Yourself...Are You the Same Person In the Picture as You are Behind It?

We Receive Messages We Accept As Truth

Remember the song “ I'm Not In Love"  from 1975 by songwriter Eric Stewart and Graham Gouldman where in the background the lyrics whisper big boys don't cry.   We are conditioned from a very young age to hide weakness, hide sadness and tears.  We receive subliminal messages every day.  Slowly our real selves hide behind masks. Before we know it we are only showing parts of us. The parts who society says we “should” be.  

It feels safer behind the mask and sometimes it feels right ... until it doesn't.   At that point, it hits like a ton of bricks.

Being vulnerable is a sign of strength.  It takes courage to be who we really are in the world.

Taking off the Mask is Scary, Energizing and Life Changing All at the Same Time!

“The greatest battle we face as human beings is the battle to protect our true selves from the self the world wants us to become.”  ~  EE Cummings 

 “Be yourself; everyone else is taken.”  ~  Oscar Wild

Being Vulnerable is Scary .... and Energizing!

We were exposed when we started our online business.  There was no place to hide.  It forced us to be vulnerable. We put ourselves “out there” on video every day.  We receive some hurtful comments and that’s okay.  We know we touched a nerve.  Our intent is to always come from a place of authenticity.  If we say someone that offends some people we don’t mean to.  It’s all part of being vulnerable, it can be scary. 

Impact Beyond Measure

We didn't anticipate the impact starting this online business would have.  It goes far beyond making money.  We have skills we never thought possible.  We’re constantly learning and we are energized everyday.  And yes, being vulnerable is scary but worth the risk. 

Please reach out to us when you’re ready to put yourself out there and let the world see who you really are.

We look forward  to meeting you.

Adrienne and Bob