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The Power of Community is Connection

Be a Part of Something Bigger

In this digital era,  we're distracted by cell phones, emails, texting people even when we are sitting with others. Genuine connection is becoming increasingly rare.  Connection is also becoming increasingly important.  According to Sherry Turkle, author of Alone Together, "Relationships with robots are ramping up; relationships with people are ramping down."

We believe having a sense of belonging with a community is essential in this digital era.

Nature is a Great Teacher

We share a story of a community of 6,000 - 12,000 crows that travel every evening roost in the same location just outside of Vancouver Canada.  Every morning these interesting creatures travel back into the city. This is an example of a community, of which we are a part.  

A Few Cool Facts About Crows:

Life and Death of a Crow

Life expectancy is up to 12 years and the oldest crow on record lived to 30.  When a crow dies there's a funeral.  A deceased crow attracts a mob of at least 100 live crows.  During this ritual, the live crows almost never touch the deceased crow. This rules out scavenging as the motive.

Crows Learn From One Another

Some studies suggest that the mass gathering is part of a survival strategy.  These clever birds are learning about threats, through their fellow crow's demise.  They are hesitant to revisit any spot where they've encountered a deceased crow.

Crows Remember 

A crow’s predators are owls, hawks, eagles.  Crows will band together and “mob” their enemies and dive bomb them to scare them away.  Crows can identify humans.   They will remember someone who has fed them or recognize someone who has caused their family harm.

Crows Hang-Out Together

Resting Place on the Daily Journey to Roosting Place

Crows Have "Human-Like" Tendencies

Crows are “human-like.”  Their offspring help raise younger siblings before they’re ready to mate on their own. They are not a gang, but a family raising children.  These birds mate for life.

Crows Are Extremely Smart

Of all the living birds, crows, ravens, and parrots have the biggest brain to body size.  Cognitively crows are put on par with apes. In Japan, "Carrion" crows use cars like oversized kitchen appliances.  These birds have learned to take walnuts to intersections, where they put the hard-shelled snacks down on the pavement.  The crow waits for a passing vehicle to smash the nut.  It then swoops in and eats it.

Crows Understand Traffic Signals

It's a risky trick. Crows can figure out traffic lights.  Carrion crows wait until the light turns red before flying down to place the un-cracked nut on the road.  As soon as the light turns green, the crow takes off to watch the nut get run-over from a distance.  It will even wait for the next red to scoop up the nut's insides.  

Crows Like Being in the City With Us

Crows like the company of humans and other crows. They prefer urban areas for warmth and protection.  A crows eyesight isn’t good.  The use of artificial light in cities helps to protect the crow from predators.

Why Are We Sharing This? ...

Crows demonstrate the power of community and the magic of working together.  

We believe there is enormous power in community, especially in this ever-changing digital era. We have come to appreciate the Launch You community more every day.  Just like crows,  the members within the Launch You community support one another. 

There's Value in Like-Minded People Working Together

In this ever-changing digital era, the community provides enormous value. The community is both supportive and informative.  There is something magical about like-minded people from all over the world coming together with a common goal

Create the Freedom to Live Life on Your Terms

Much like the crows many of us are in a routine where we wake up at dawn, commute into work and come home after dark.  Having an online business means you can avoid the commute, have more quality time with friends and family. 

The digital era allows you freedom and flexibility to live life on your terms.  Click here to get started.

Adrienne and Bob