Thinking About Starting an Online Business? - Wake the Fun Up

Thinking About Starting an Online Business?

Are you serious?

Consider these things when you are making your decision.

Be very clear on WHY you are doing this

Learning new skills can be tough at times.  Unless you know "your why" at an emotional level you will give up.  What helped us make a decision was asking ourselves this question.   What would happen if we didn’t make a change?  Ask yourself, what will be the impact if you stay the same for your family?  Your relationships?  Your financial well-being?  Your health?.... and.... Your freedom?   

What brought you here won’t keep you here 

In other words, you may want to start your online business to make money.  If that’s your only intension you will fail.  It’s about adding value for people, helping people solve their pain and their problems.  This may seem daunting, but we can all learn from each others experiences.  Age and life experience is an asset in this business.

Align your interests with market demand

It’s one thing to be passionate about something, but if no one else is, you won’t succeed.  It’s possible to get first-hand information online by researching what keywords people are searching online. This provides insight into market demand for your idea. 

Willing to take action without being sure of the outcome 

This is a journey that can take time.  It’s about having the confidence in yourself that you will figure things out.  It’s about taking consistent action every day without knowing where your action will lead. 

Find Mentors to Guide You on the Journey

We encourage you to find mentors.  People who have been where you are today and are now living the life you are working towards.  These mentors can help provide a roadmap for success and save you a lot of time and anguish along the way.  Learn from your mentor’s mistakes.

The mindset you will do what ever it takes to be successful 

If you are getting involved with the mindset that you are going to give yourself 30 days….or even 90 days to make money, you might as well walk away.  It takes time to learn new skills and get results.  Would you expect to develop six pack abs after 30 days of being at the gym?  This is the same thing.  It’s about doing things every day that moves you towards living "your why."   People who take consistent action every day, trust the process and don’t care how long it takes will be successful.

If you know your why....want to provide value....know what the market wants.... what you have to're willing to take action..... and do whatever it takes.....

Let’s go!

Please reach out to us.  We look forward to speaking with you soon.

Bye for now.

Adrienne and Bob