Through Mop Eyes - Wake the Fun Up

Who Knew Being Out in the World with With Wally Mop Would Be So Enlightening

Walking the streets of Vancouver with Wally Mop continues to give us insight into human behaviour.  In this video we will share some insights with you.

1) One day we were walking down to the water when a woman came rushing up behind us.  She had spotted us about a block before and was convinced we were carrying a child in our back pack. This stranger was concerned for Wally’s well being.

Imagine her surprise when she realized when she became closer that the child was in fact a mop.

Wally Moment:  

Strangers care

2) We live within a small community within the larger city of Vancouver Canada. Because we have a routine where we walk to the same coffee shop every day, people were first surprised to see Wally. They must have thought "What were these regulars up to now? " One day, Wally was tucked into a corner and this nice woman couldn’t see him.  She started to walk out of the coffee shop and then turned around and came back in wondering where Wally was.

Wally Moment:  

We have the choice everyday to be accepting and adapt to new situations even when reality is a little out of our comfort zone.

3) One day Wally was a magnet for a group of children. These kids asked lots of questions out of joy, wonder and curiosity. Even though Wally looked different from them, they were drawn to him and wanted to understand what Wally was all about.

Wally Moment: 

The way we see things can be happier and more joyful when we reconnect with that child like sense of wonder.

Carrying Wally around continues to shed light on who we are and how we connect with one another. Wally not only takes us a little out of our comfort zone, it takes others out of theirs too. Interestingly Wally is giving us new insight through the eyes of a mop!

We all bring our own perspectives and our own biases when we see something that doesn’t quite fit. What we do with those biases and perspectives determines who we are in the world.  It’s seems Wally is bringing out the best in all of us.

Hope you have lots of “Wally Moments" this weekend.

Looking forward to connecting with you again on Monday.

Bye for now!

Adrienne and Bob ...... and Wally

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