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Time ~ There’s No Getting it Back!

Do You Worry About Money?  

Do you ever worry time will run out? ... Time doesn't usually get as much attention as money.

Do You Ever Worry About Time?

The thing is, there’s always a way to earn more money but no way  to earn more time.  Time runs out.  We know we aren’t telling you anything you don’t already know.  We chose this topic as a reminder to make the most of your time.  By the time you listen to this video you will be older than when you started!

Are You Spending Time Towards Living Your Best Life?

Are you living a life you'll celebrate or one you'll regret?

We probably lost half our audience with that question, and we’re okay with that!  People had better things to do with their time.  

Well Done ...  or I Wish ... ?

For those of you still here,  ask yourself ….. Are you spending time that will contribute to a life you'll look back and say “Well done! ... Knowing what I know now, I’d live my life the same way again” 

If you’re really honest with yourself, will you look back and say “ I wish”…. I wish I had the courage to quit by job or the confidence to leave a lifeless relationship.  I wish I had taken the time to sit down with someone I loved to clear up a misunderstanding instead of choosing years of silence.  That's time you don't get back.

Let's Get Personal ...

Adrienne's Story: Perhaps we're sharing this because it was a lesson we most needed to learn remind ourselves about every day.  I’ll share something that's personal, I have four daughters with a good guy, who just wasn’t the guy for me.  I remember being unhappy and a message came to me at the right time.  

The Teacher Appears When the Student is Ready ...

The universe has a way of providing messages, if we’re willing to listen.  A message came from a counsellor I was seeing.  She said, "Adrienne, you can stay in this marriage and deal with those consequences or leave the marriage and deal with those consequences.  The message: Whatever decision you make, there will be consequences."

A Decision to Choose Between Two Outcomes

In that moment, I made the decision to choose life.  I wanted to give my girls an example of courage and living life to the fullest. Thankfully I had the  courage to change, not knowing the future. If I hadn't, I wouldn’t be here with Bob right now.

We Make Decisions Every Day That Lead Us Somewhere and Most of the Time We Have No Idea Where That Somewhere Is

It's About Listening to the Messages we Receive and Having the Courage to Act

It's Scary to Take That Leap of Faith ~ In the End We're Glad We Did

A Question That Changed Bob's Life

Bob's story: After a seven year career as a professional hockey player, an insurance manager called me from a major insurance company.  I was in that transition stage wondering what I was going to do after my hockey career.  This guy asked me if I would be interested in a career in the Insurance Industry?  I remember thinking there was nothing worse.  I would go from everyone wanting to talk with me to no one wanting to talk with me.  So I told this guy I wasn’t interested and then the question  “You’re not the type of guy who would turn down a business opportunity, are you?" 

When the Door Opens It's Up to Us to Walk Through

My answer was “no” ...  and he said “let’s have lunch.”  My answer was "okay" … after all .... it was just lunch.  That question and lunch turned into a successful twenty year career in the insurance business!

Where Will Your Choices Take You?

So the reason we are sharing is to encourage you to look at your life.  Will the choices you make today lead to "well done" I wouldn't change a thing …. or ..... "I wish" .... "I wish I had the courage to do things differently."

Listen to the Messages

Whatever it is, listen to the messages all around you.  They will guide you down the path that’s right when you're willing to listen and act ... without knowing where the door will lead.

Something has already lead you here.  Do you have the courage to walk through the door without knowing what's on the other side.  Click here to join a webinar to learn how to make your first 10k online.

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Adrienne & Bob

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