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Time to Get in the Game and Off the Sidelines

How much time do you spend time wishing? …. 

Wishing you were someone else? …. doing something else …. living somewhere else?  A 2019 study suggests on average we spend 142 mins a day on social media. That’s 142 mins of wishing we are on that vacation, buying that car, in another relationship ….. wishing. Get in the game and stop wishing.

Lots of people live vicariously through others. 

The Super Bowl is a great example.  This year 102 million watched the Super Bowl up from last year.  Most people like watching others in the game from the sidelines.  People take sports so seriously a study during the 2006 FIFA World Cup game shows emergency visits for cardiac issues increased.  People become so emotionally and physically invested, it can kill them!

Time to Invest in Yourself?

What if people took all that energy, all that emotion and invested it in themselves?  Allowing them to get in the game instead of watching others?  This doesn’t just apply to sports, it applies to obsessions with movie stars, other people’s lives in general.  

It's About Balance

Don’t get us wrong, we watched the Super Bowl and we just attended the NHL All-Star game and loved it.  One of the highlights was standing on the sidewalk right outside Sandra Bullock’s house in New Orleans.  We’re pretty happy soon to living within walking distance to Harry and Meghan's new home.

Balancing Act to Ultimate Success

According to Darren Hardy be aware of the E to E ratio.   Entertainment to Education.  Darren Hardy says the majority of people spend most of their time entertaining themselves and far less time educating, learning and growing.  It’s about balancing the time people watch other people’s dreams come true with the time they spend making your own dreams come true.

What Happens When People Shift the Balance?

The people we admire spend most of their time educating themselves and growing their skills.  How many hours do you think Jennifer Lopez and Shakira practiced their dance moves for their awe inspiring half time event?

Patrick Mahomes, the young superstar quarterback known as Mahomes Magic says: “I leave everything I have on that field.”  That didn’t happen without endless hours of practice and personal growth. 

Shift and Change

Imagine if people put in as many hours into personal growth and education that  the people we admire do?   People’s lives would be very different.  Instead of watching a game, read a book. Instead of reading People magazine listen to a pod cast.  All of us have been given unique and special gifts to be as great as the people we admire.  It comes down to choosing how we spend our time. This requires the courage to grow and the ability to get up and dust ourselves off in times of adversity.

From Entertainment To Education .....

Choosing to spend your time learning and growing will move you closer to living your dreams. This, instead of living vicariously through the dreams of others.  By starting your online business you get in the game.  Make the choice to be the best you can be and start learning and growing today.

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