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Travel Adventures

Travelling using VRBO - It’s not the "Hilton"

We always travel using VRBO and our VRBO experiences can be described as “traumatic events” and one’s we look back on and laugh. When looking for something we are hoping exists we are not laughing in the moment. To enjoy VRBO it helps that we like adventure and are okay with outside of the box thinking.  Adrienne is the alpha in our relationship. It takes confidence to know I am an equal partner and not the boss.

Compare to the Traditional 5 Star Check In:

If we chose to travel using the Hilton for example our first day would be much less traumatic.

  • We would be checked in within 5 minutes
  • The Hilton exists at our destination
  • Finding the Hilton is easy
  • We would be welcomed by the Front Desk Professional
  • The 5 Star reception desk professional greats us “Good afternoon Mr. & Mrs. Murray”, and as we check-in the 5 Star front desk professional assumes “I am the boss and we share the last name - we don’t.  Adrienne proudly carry’s her family’s last name Giffen.

Our VRBO Experience:

We live in Vancouver and I am writing from Solana Beach (San Diego), California  - on the ocean where the sun is out and the surf is up.  We have been here for 2 days. 

San Diego International Airport - November 1, 2018:

Unlike staying at the Hilton, finding our accommodation was an exercise in determination, perseverance and passion. Our goal is always to find a place where we can feel we are part of the local community.  

Passion, curiosity, determination and perseverance are all personality traits of a successful Digital Entrepreneur.  Adrienne found a place online - Solana Beach, on the Pacific Ocean in California.  To find a place that excites us and is within our budget is a talent all on to itself. 


GPS Finally Works

So we arrive at the San Diego Airport about 1:00 PM and Adrienne’s anxiety is building. We catch a 15 minute shuttle to Avis Rent A Car and hope their will be a car waiting.  Adrienne’s anxiety continues to rise.  Got the car!  We are mobile and go to our GPS that won’t kick in - Adrienne’s anxiety rises.  

My only IT solution - shut off your phone and turn it on again.  Of course, Adrienne suggests that is such a lame idea. We continue to fight with The GPS and yes Adrienne’s anxiety continues to rise.  Guess what - we turn off the phone, start it again and the GPS works and we are on our way.  Ha Ha, this could be my IT tip for you future Digital Entrepreneurs.

Finding a Needle in a Haystack

We are off to Solana Beach - will our place exist?  Yes our anxiety level is high and going higher. GPS gets us close and our first step in our instructions is to park on the street. Adrienne was convinced we parked too far away and I am convinced we were close - Adrienne was right and so after walking around aimlessly we are back in the car and move down the street and park again.

Tension Rises

Tension increases as we have different opinions on where we should be going. This is the classic “blind leading the blind”.  We are at a large condominium complex looking for a central area to find the lock box for the complex.  Not the suite just the complex.  We were looking for a “needle in the haystack”

One Step at a Time

We wander around for about 15 cranky minutes, it’s starting to get dark and we still have not found the lock box. We may be sleeping in the car and yes Adrienne’s anxiety has reached the summit.  This is when I am very careful not to add any suggestions to our frustrating journey.

Finally, we find three big black boxes containing probably 40 or 50 lock boxes.  The good news is we believe, (not 100% sure) we have found the place that contains our lock box. Which one is ours?  Whew, we found the tight lockbox, put in the code and the lock box opens - YES! Now we follow the instructions looking for our unit in a massive complex.

Determination Kicks In

Drive, determination and "a make it happen now" attitude are all very positive personality traits for a Digital Entrepreneur.  Having a driven, passionate and determined leader is good news for our team at Wake the Fun Up. The 2nd In command, me,  brings calm and patience to the equation.


This is my opportunity to get some space so I am off looking for our spot and Adrienne goes off in the other direction,  we are looking for one condo in a massive complex, all along the ocean that spreads the length of 10 football fields.  Darn, Adrienne found our place first. Another, outside  of the box adventure resulting in success.

We are here for 2 weeks, the condo is gorgeous, right on the ocean, the surf is up and we are in the sun. We have had two beautiful days here so far.

Travel and Work

The VRBO journey is a lot like our online business with  Six Figure Mentors.

  • We live outside of the box of traditional business
  • We are curious
  • It takes courage to tackle the unknown
  • We progress towards the end goal by taking small steps every day
  • We enjoy the excitement and yes the anxiety of adventure
  • We require the same DNA as the traditional business world - passion, conviction, determination, perseverance

Maintaining a sense of humour is essential for both our travel adventures and for working together in our online business. 

Adrienne and Bob Lifestyle Entrepreneurs

Adrienne & Bob

We are digital entrepreneurs who took a courageous leap to start our online business. We have owned an executive recruitment company for over twenty years. The industry is being rapidly disrupted by technology. As a result of the skills we have learned our recruitment business is 100% virtual. Both of our businesses allow us flexibility to work when and where we want and do the things we enjoy.