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Unleash Your Passion and Succeed

Vancouver Winter 2010 Olympic 10 Year Anniversary Celebration

On Saturday night we had the privilege of attending a 10 year anniversary celebration of the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics.  Sitting in that room, it didn’t feel like 10 years had passed.  We felt like we were right back in 2010, feeling the excitement and the energy of the dedicated and inspiring athletes.  

Again We Witnessed Passion in Action

The event was a good reminder of the power of passion.  It was passion that started the journey of many of these athletes and unwavering dedication and commitment that helped them achieve these life changing goals.  So inspiring to witness videos once again of these athletes who achieved the results they dedicated their life to.

Time Flies By

Many times, it felt like no time had passed.  Ten years flew by in the blink of an eye.  Watching videos of these athletes, it felt like we had gone back in time.  The emotion was still there, I found myself at times becoming teary as I watched these young people so joyously succeed. 

Lights of the 2010 Winter Olympic Cauldron


Canadian Geese Dressed in Red and White

Canadian Jerseys and an Olympic Torch

A Reminder of Two of Life's Lessons

This event was a great reminder of two things. The first is the power of passion.  Passion can propel all of us to greatness.  Passion is an amazing thing. When we’re doing something we’re passionate about hours fly by like minutes.  This doesn’t mean when you find your passion it’s time for you to put your feet up and take it easy, quite the opposite.  

This sums up passion beautifully:

Knowing your passion in life gives you something to build the rest of your life around.  Your passion can be anything that challenges you, intrigues you and motivates you.  Contrary to the idea that doing what you love makes work effortless, a passion puts you to work.  It’s what you're willing to sacrifice lesser leisure and pleasures for.  Seek it and where you find it may surprise you.

Passion Puts You to Work!

We agree..... and we're sure so do all the olympic athletes.  What isn’t mentioned in this description, where there’s passion, work doesn’t feel like work!  We could see passion on the faces of every 2010 Vancouver Olympic athlete. 

Time Waits For No One

The second reminder, time flies by and waits for no one.  Often when we learn new skills we can become frustrated believing the learning curve is too steep.  Learning a new skill is taking too much time.  Last night, we witnessed how quickly time goes by and how seizing the moments along the way can be life changing.  All these athletes had courage and unwavering determination to succeed.  There were probably times when they felt defeated and alone.

Something kept them moving forward in times of adversity.  We believe that something is passion.

Passion is the Engine That Keeps Us Moving Forward

What's your passion? 

"Seek It and Where You Find It May Surprise You."

When we started our online business our motivation was money.  We had no idea our online business would become a passion and change the way we see the world.  Inspiration is all around us, it's a privilege to pass it on to you.  Life no longer passes by unnoticed.

We Now Notice the Wisdom in Everyday Moments

Our online business has given us the opportunity to embrace and celebrate every day. We wish the same for you.  If you’re ready to unleash your passion, you can start your online business by clicking this link.

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Adrienne and Bob