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What are the Differences Between Men and Women?

We're wired differently ...

Adrienne has been walking by couples on the street noticing who’s usually carrying the conversation for years.  It’s often the woman talking and the man is nodding his head and listening.

Who knew men and women are wired so differently.  Having shared this  observation with Bob for years….Bob’s response is usually a silent nod.

Men and Women are Physiologically Different  

Men Process Stress in Solitude

Men like to process stress in solitude and women like to talk things out.  Check out this article to see what mens brains and women’s brains look like at rest, it pretty much says it all.

Men and Women are Wired Differently

According to our research, under stress men like to “turn off.”  Men seek solitude in a low involvement activity like watching sports.  When men do this testosterone is released and this relaxes and energizes men.  

Women Like to Talk Things Through

Women on the other hand, want to talk it out, interact with family and friends to work things through.  This activity produces oxytocin which reduces stress in women.

Gender Intelligence

Given these enormous differences between men and women it is amazing we can be in the same room together, especially when we're under stress.  John Gray, author of “Men are from Mars, women are from Venus” says understanding and appreciating the differences between men and women is called “gender intelligence.”

Men and Women Listen Differently

Typically men listen for the point and filter out unnecessary details.  Women gather information and want to know details before providing a solution.  Women ask more questions, are generally better listeners and men are more direct.  Given these differences, we believe men and women, working together, in families, relationships are stronger together.

Working Together Isn't Always Easy

Working together like we do isn’t always easy and we’re always glad Wally is the strong silent type.  Wally won’t tell you we left him on the roof , in the rain after filming our last video.  We had to wring Wally out before taking him on our walk this morning. 

The Six Figure Mentor Community

The community at Six Figure Mentors is a good mix of men, women from different backgrounds, professions and ages.  It’s this diversity that makes the community an exciting and fulfilling one to be part of.

Please reach out to us so we can learn more about you and if the time is right for you to be part of this dynamic and inspiring community.

Bye for now!

Adrienne and Bob ...... and Wally