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What Are Your Limiting Beliefs?

Limiting Beliefs Can Stop Us in Our Tracks

Limiting beliefs .... we all have them.  Do you know what yours are?  We see it every day in this business, people want to change their life, yet something very powerful holds them back.  In our experience, what holds people from achieving their ideal life is limiting beliefs.  Take back your power.

What are Limiting Beliefs?

Limiting beliefs develop within us as a result of our life experiences like a broken heart, a failing grade, a game lost we perceive was our fault.  Limiting beliefs can form because of a passing comment.  As parents, we may make comments to our children that we think are minor, and for some reason, innocent comments become woven into our kids belief system.  

As Parents We Transfer Our Limiting Beliefs to Our Kids

I’m always surprised a little horrified when my kids will tell me something I said to them, just in passing that they have internalized and made it their own.  As parents we can unknowingly transfer our limiting beliefs to our children.

Limiting Beliefs Show Up in Our Behaviour

Fear of Being Judged

For example, if a limiting belief is fear of being judged, putting ourselves out there on video may be too difficult.  Thank goodness Oprah and Ellen didn’t have that limiting belief.  We wouldn’t have had the experience of their gifts in the world.   If this is a limiting belief of yours, the world will miss learning from your experiences too.

Fear of Being Too Old

If a limiting belief is you are too old to learn new skills, tackling the steep learn curve will be a hurdle you won’t try.  One of our favourite stories is the one about Colonel Sanders.  He endured a lot of tragedy and a lot of failure in his life.   At a ripe old age of 65, he was traveling across U.S. persuading people to franchise his chicken.  He must have faced tons of rejections along the way. Did this stop him?  No…. 

Colonel Sanders Efforts Paid Off

By 1963 there were 600 KFC restaurants, making the company the largest fast food operation in the U.S.!   In 1964 at the age of 74, Sanders sold the company to investors for US$2 million (about US$15 million today).  Today, KFC has 18,875 outlets in 118 countries and territories — making it the second largest fast food restaurant chain in the world, after McDonald’s.

Your Belief Age is the Limiting Factor Will Stop You

If you often say that it is too late to pursue your dreams, recognize that age isn’t the real limiting factor here —your belief that age is the limiting factor is what will stop you.  Forget what society tells us, that we need to be at a certain age and place in our life to be considered successful. Create your own life path and make it happen.

How to Move Past Your Limiting Beliefs

Limiting beliefs are the stories we tell ourselves as a result of our experiences.  They aren’t real, we have made them real.  Be aware what your beliefs are and where they came from.  Then, challenge them.  Are they serving you or are they stopping you from achieving the life you’ve always imagined? 

Find People Who Have Already Reached the Goals You Aspire To

Surround yourself with people who have already achieved what you’re striving for.  It takes courage to break free from old beliefs.  At Six Figure Mentors, people have come to this place because they too want to change.  Change happens more easily when you aren’t doing it alone.

Change Your Beliefs and Change Your Life

If your beliefs change, the way you act and feel will change, too.  Our lives and feelings are a manifestation of our beliefs.  If our beliefs have really changed, our lives will change too.

Time For Change?

So is it time for you to change and embrace new beliefs?   When you re-program your thoughts, you can create a different future.  How about rewriting your story around new life-enhancing beliefs?  What have you got to lose?

Please reach out to us when you’re ready to take that step.

We looking forward to meeting you.

Adrienne and Bob