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What’s Holding You Back From Moving Forward?

Want More Out of Life? 

Why do most of us say we want more out of life and never achieve it?  We end up settling for mediocrity and before we know it we are making excuses for why a better life isn’t possible. Excuses like, we’re too old, we don’t have enough money, there isn’t enough time …. You get the picture.

Three Things That Will Try and Stop You

There are three things that have the power to get in our way and stop us from achieving our dreams if we let them.  With awareness we can move past these hurdles and keep moving forward towards living a life of meaning and purpose.

1) Procrastination

Ever told yourself, I'll get to it tomorrow? .... and then tomorrow never comes.  Many of us procrastinate and put off difficult things like learning new skills and getting out of our comfort zones. It feels safer keeping things status quo. That's why 10 years from now, life looks the same as today.

Jim Rohn says the basis of procrastination can be fear of failure.  What’s the difference between never starting or never finishing?   You’re still stuck!

How to stop procrastinating? 

Jim Rohn says:  Break it down ~ write it down.

Break it Down

Break down your task into manageable pieces and knock off the pieces one by one. Focus on accomplishing what’s right in front of you at the moment.  Ignore what’s off in the distance.

Write it Down

Keep a diary of your activities.  This will highlight how easily we can become distracted.  When we lose focus we are taken further from our goals.

Procrastination Stops Us From Achieving Our Dreams

2)  Self-Doubts  

We all have them, the more we think about something and analyze something, the more excuses we create. We persuade ourselves to stay still to stay safe.  We make the mistake of asking our friends and family if we are doing the right thing.  

Friends Are On the Outside Looking In

Most people are concerned about what’s going on in their lives and don’t understand the big picture in other people's lives.  Getting out of our comfort zone may force other people out of theirs.  Friends and family think they have our best interests at heart, in reality they are protecting their own interests. 

Time Can Run Out and Before We Know It Our Dreams Slip Away

Action Wins Over Self-Doubt

Doubts turn into procrastination which keeps us standing still.

3)  Fear

One of our favourite acronyms:  False Evidence Appearing Real

Fear fuels procrastination and our doubts if we let it.

These are three very close cousins who present themselves in different ways achieving the same result.  Fear holds us back.  Every time we procrastinate from learning something new or getting out of our comfort zones we postpone the realization of our dreams.  Our self-doubt grows and we don’t achieve our dreams. 


We asked someone the question:  What will happen if this person didn’t change his life?  The very real and truthful answer was “I will die unfulfilled.”

Will You Let These Close Cousins Get In Your Way?

What’s your answer to this question?

The only way to combat all three of these dream stealers is action. Take action and you will leave procrastination, doubts and fears in your dust!  Click here to get started.

Please reach out to us when you’re ready to take action.

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