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What Holiday Traditions Are a Part of You?

There is something magical about the holiday season

People seem a little more friendly, more giving and willing to help.  It's a time when the best of people shines through.  People are focused on giving to others.  This shifts people's behaviour as a whole.  In general people are warmer and more caring towards strangers.  The world would be a better place if we could maintain this holiday spirit all year round.

A Family Tradition

A tradition that started with my 4 daughters, pre-Bob was “make a gift.”  We randomly have one person we “make a present“ for every year.  My girls have been doing this for about 20 years. Over the years they have loved to hate it!  One year, out of complete defiance, one of my daughters took the twenty dollar bill I gave her to make her gift, and wrapped it around a candy cane.  She then gave this as her "make a gift" to her sister.

Traditions Take Root Before We Even Know it

Another  year, feeling overwhelmed, I suggested we weren’t doing the “make a gift” this year.  The girls wouldn’t have it.  "It’s tradition!" …. they said.  Fourteen years ago when Bob came into the family, he had to adapt.  Many times, Bob would be in a bead store, a craft store, a ceramic painting place, hoping he wouldn't see anyone he knew.

Boyfriends are also thrown into the "make a gift" tradition.  That's always fun to watch, especially when it's their first "make a gift" experience. 

What the “make a gift" tradition means to us?

It represents the spirit of giving

Instead of buying something off the shelf, we really think about the person.  Making a gift becomes a labour of love.  We are vulnerable when we make gifts for people.  Part of ourselves goes into the gift.  The process exposes our vulnerabilities because we put ourselves "out-there."

Creativity Brings People Together

Maybe it dates back to the quilting-bee days ... there is something special about sitting around a table making something and chatting.  In the bead store, in the ceramic place, we are often in the company of strangers.   We share conversation as we create.  In our experience creativity breaks down barriers.   Creativity creates community.  We are together because we share common values.  There is already an unspoken bond in these moments.

Focusing on what’s really important

It’s easy to get caught up with “sweating the small stuff.”  Somehow, the process of making a gift allows us to focus on what matters.  Past disagreements, judgements slip away.  Because we focus on the best of that person and who he/she is in our lives.  The "make a gift" tradition keeps love and acceptance in the forefront.

Keeping the Magic of Christmas Alive

Every year, Christmas morning starts with "make a gift" and this we believe sets the tone for our family Christmas.  This is a good reminder to keep these “make a gift” lessons going all year!

Our Online Business Keeps the Holiday Spirt Alive

We believe our online business keeps the magic alive.  We give our time freely to others, and people give their time to us. We have the privilege to help people create their ideal life.  We share creative ideas with one another and we put ourselves out in the world.  Our online business helps us to focus on what is important like family, friends and doing meaningful work that matters.

What Are Your Holiday Traditions?

What are your holiday traditions that you would like to share?  If you kept your traditions going all year, how would they make the world a better place? 

Please reach out to us.  We look forward to hearing from you.

Adrienne and Bob