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What You Need to Make a Video

Why Learning How to Make a Video is Right  

One of the most scary things about starting an online business is the idea of being in and creating a video.  According to a February 2020 article 95% of the global internet population uses Youtube. 80% of Youtube users are from outside the USA and the 35+ and 55+ are the fastest growing demographics on Youtube today.  In addition, 62% of businesses use Youtube. Learning how to make a video is a valuable skill to learn.

The Consumer Wants to Watch Videos

If you are thinking of starting an online business, as daunting as being in and creating a video can be, video creation is a valuable skill in this digital era. Learning how to make a video doesn’t have to be as scary as it seems.  Filming a video starts with your smart phone. 

To Film a Video You Need A Smart Phone

Our phones are so "smart", the quality of the picture is all you need for a good quality video. You don't have to invest in a more expensive camera,  you hold all you need in the palm of your hand. 

Improve Sound Quality With a Microphone

For sound quality you will need to invest in a microphone. Microphones are quite inexpensive and can be purchased online through Amazon. Depending if you are filming individually or together you can find microphones on Amazon to fit your needs. Click the pictures below and you will be taken directly to Amazon. Make sure the microphone connector fits the model of your smart phone.

A Remote Control For Your Smart Phone

Next, you need a remote, bluetooth "clicker" to turn your phone on and off at a distance. It's good to have extra batteries just in case. Click the pictures below to find a remote that fits your needs. These are handy tools for filming videos and great for family photos.

The Tripod Stand

A tripod stand is great for those of us who may not always have a steady hand. We purchased a tripod stand that could work if we were sitting or standing. On windy days, it's better to have the tripod placed at a lower level. The stand can be quite unsteady when it it fully extended.

The Selfie Stick

Never in our wildest dreams did we think we would purchase a selfie stick. Well in online business it's a good tool to have. When you get comfortable behind a camera .... (with practice you will) .... it's helpful to carry a selfie stick for when the mood to film a video strikes you! If you're like us, you will begin to see the world differently. We became much for aware of our surroundings.

Combine the Selfie Stick and the Tripod

Look for a combination of selfie-stick and tripod.  Learn how to create a video with these simple, inexpensive tools. As scary as the thought of creating and being in a video can be, it just takes practice.

Join the 90-Day Video Challenge

The leaders in Six Figure Mentors recognize most people are afraid of being in front of a camera. For this reason they created something called the 90-Day Video challenge. We encourage members to get involved in the 90-Day video challenge. You will meet people just like you. Before you know it you will meet new friends. With practice, you will experience how being in front of a camera  becomes natural. 

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