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The Last Time You Experienced Being in Flow

... Flow is the same Feeling as Being "In the Zone"

People  in flow are completely involved in an activity and time flies.  There's a feeling of being so involved in what they're doing.  It feels effortless and productivity soars.  So immersed, people are oblivious to the outside world?  This is flow.  Also referred to “being in the zone.”

When's the Most Productive Time of Your Day?

We believe a lot of things impact people’s ability to be in flow.  The first thing is knowing the time of day you’re most productive. Flow happens for us in the morning. Our alarm goes off at 5 am. Maximum productivity happens between 5 am and 11 am.

Where Do You Work Best?

Everyone is different. Working with tons of action, helps us achieve flow.  The more action around us the better.  Chaos helps us “get in the zone.”  We gain energy and inspiration from people traffic, music and constant chatter.

When are you in flow? 

We have all experienced this state at some time in our lives.  When we find it again, it’s energizing and exciting.  Starting our online business, we had no idea learning new skills like creating videos  and blogging would ignite a passion that puts us in flow.

The Perception of Strangers

Just this morning, a stranger (we just learned her name so no longer a stranger), often sits at the next table.  From her perception, we are this sad couple who sits at their computers, focused and not talking.  

She said “What has the world come to?”(This is a topic for another blog.)  What she saw was two people who were disconnected and never spoke.  What she didn’t see, are two people in flow. Our time to connect as a couple is outside our productive times. 

We're All Different

It's fascinating to learn the image we are portraying out in the world.  Who knew, working in the company of strangers would teach us so much.

What's Your Story?

We would be interested to hear your stories and experiences with flow.  When was the last time you experienced flow? 

Please reach out to us by responding to this email.  

We look forward to hearing from you.

Adrienne and Bob