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Who We Trust in this Digital Era Has Changed

Why the Shift in This Digital Era?

In the past, people stayed in well known hotels because big hotel chains provided consistent service and experience. As a result of this consistency, people felt confident about their stay. This consistency gave people peace of mind. Over the years, this has shifted because consumers no longer put their confidence in corporations or institutions. The same consistent experience is boring for many people. Unique and memorable experiences motivate people today.

People Trust Strangers Over Corporations

For decades, society has relied on large corporations and big institutions. However, this isn't aligned with how trust is built today.  At a result of technology, we trust strangers over large corporations and institutions. We search for reviews by strangers who share similar interests.

Strangers Have the Power to Build or Destroy Reputations 

Companies like Airbnb and Vacation Rental By Owner changed society's perspective. People looking for memorable experiences trust strangers because these strangers have already had the experience. If you're like us, unless online reviews are excellent, the place doesn't get your business. Consumer reviews have the power to make or break reputations. In reality, strangers have more power than large corporations and institutions these days.

What Does This Have to Do With You?

Places we stay on Airbnb and VRBO are rated and so are the people who stay in them.  With the help of technology, it's a system, that keeps everyone honest.  Because of technology, trusting strangers is a way of life for people in this digital economy.  

Building Trust Online

Building trust online is paramount. People know when someone lacks authenticity. With one click of the mouse, potential customers are gone.  Earning people's trust is essential for online business.  Without it, we believe business won't be successful, online or offline. It's that simple.

Making a First Impression Online Starts With Transparency

Who we decide to trust has shifted. How we trust has stayed the same.  If you’re like us, you want to work with people you like and trust. Trust starts with a first impression. It's a gut feeling that confirms who we trust.

People Know in A Few Seconds If You Can Be Trusted

Your message must be authentic. Because you are creating your first impression online, people assess your trustworthiness. Trust starts with a gut feeling. Within seconds people decide if they trust you.

Your First Impression Online

There is less at stake behind a screen, one click and a potential customer is gone. The opportunity to connect is gone too. Potential customers demand authenticity and transparency. Without a strong first impression and gut feeling, potential customers are lost. You can learn the skills to make a strong first impression online.

Learn How to Earn People's Trust Online

Learning how to connect with strangers and build trust on camera takes practice. With the help of leaders within the Six Figure Mentor community members are given a safe place to learn.  The community is made up of collaborative, abundant thinking people.  Providing support to strangers is what we do. Within the community, strangers begin to feel like friends very quickly. 

Please reach out to us anytime. We always enjoy hearing from you.

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Adrienne & Bob

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