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Why Do Some People Succeed More Than Others?

The Successful Entrepreneur

We are fans of Robert Kiyosaki the author of the well known book Rich Dad Poor Dad.  According to Robert, to build a successful business one has to be willing to move outside of the “thundering herd” embrace change and be a leader. 

The Need for Strong Conviction

Some people may tell you your business won’t work.  The world is full of naysayers who are unnerved by people who have the courage to break free and do something different.

Four Types of People

Robert Kiyosaki talks about 4 types of people.   Robert predicts what type of person is most likely to succeed.  As Stuart Ross, founder of Six Figure Mentors (SFM) says, it’s all about having the right mindset.  

We Can All Evolve Over Time

As we talk about the four types of people, remember you may be one type of person today, and with awareness can grow to become a different type of person overtime.

Robert Kiyosaki breaks things down into quadrants which describes four types of people:

People Who Want to Be Right

1)   These are the people who are the naysayers.  They always have the answers and will discourage any ideas that are different or outside the traditional ways of thinking.

People Who ​Want to Be Comfortable

2)  These are the people who want to work for big business, government and have a secure benefit plan.  

These traditional thinkers are ignoring the fact that the world is changing faster than ever before, with mergers/acquisitions and technology disrupting jobs and industries. 

Robert Kiyosaki, describes these people as being addicted to a pay check.

People Who Want to Be Liked

3)  These are the people who want those who are in the always right.  Their mission in life is to try and please everyone.

People Who Want to Win

4)  These are the people who know what it’s like to get knocked down and have the courage to get back up and keep fighting.  Winners are willing to accept the world is changing and step out of their comfort zone.

They are willing to take a leap into the unknown which can feel very risky.  Winners realize that success takes hard work, passion and patience.  Making sacrifices for long-term gains is what winners do.

Winners hang out with other winners

What quadrant do you most identify?

When you decide to step out of your comfort zone and start our online business, there will be lots of people who will discourage you.  They believe they have all the answers.  They are too afraid to step out of their comfortable life to do something new.  So, when someone they know has the courage to break free, it's stressful and causes these people to question themselves.

Why Six Figure Mentors?

At Six Figure Mentors we hang out with winners, abundant thinkers and have mentors who are always willing to help.  We know the world is changing and doing business online will only gain momentum in the future.

Please respond to this email and let us know what brought you to this place.

Adrienne and Bob