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Why You Will Want An Automated Online Business

An automated online business runs by itself without your personal involvement.  That's what attracts most people. Create time to enjoy life, and earn an income. You can earn as you learn.

Benefits To An Automated Online Business:

  •  You don't have to worry about hiring staff
  •  Your automated business works 24/7
  •  When you build an automated system you free up time to do things you enjoy 
  •  Your business is automated so there's less room for human error 

How Does Automated Online Business Work?

The process is simple, you upload a program, an advertisement or a video and advise the user on what to do.

  •  Imagine you're selling something, you create a video showing the user what the product looks like and how it functions  
  •  At some point in the video you encourage people to click on a link that takes them to an    automated online business website. 
  •  They fill out the information, become part of your subscriber list and make the purchase

Some Automated Online Business Examples:

Affiliate Marketing

  • Promoting someone else's product or service and earn a commission

Google Adsense

  • Put ads on your site so when someone clicks on the ads you get paid. Adsense automatically puts ads on your site that are targeted to your content or audience

Membership Sites

  • Create a paid membership program where people pay a monthly or annual fee

How To Get Started With Your Own Automated Online Business

Here are three types of online business categories that fit the automated online business model. Our mentor Stuart Ross says you can sell wages, widgets or wisdom online. It depends where your passion lies.


People are willing to pay for certain skills. Are you creative? In this digital era you can share your creative skills with the entire world. As long as there is enough demand for what you're offering, there's an opportunity to create a business.


Amazon is the leading retailer in the United States with net sales close to 386 billion dollars in 2020.  Much of what Amazon sells are widgets sourced by people just like you. Learn how you can sell products on Amazon without worrying about inventory or shipping, Amazon looks after that for you through their FBA program.


Do you have life experiences and wisdom to share? The Coaching Academy in Canada estimates that the coaching industry will grow to be a 1.34 billion dollar industry in 2022.  People are turning to Coaches for support in these changing times. 

Learn Valuable New Skills Essential For This Digital Era

The next step is to build a website that matches your automated online business.  For example if your business is about affiliate marketing, you will need a website that focuses on the benefits of the product or service you are promoting. Once you learn the skills to make one sale, you have what it takes to make a 100... a thousand sales. 

To your success,

Adrienne and Bob