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Working From Home With Your Partner?

How’s That Going?

The other day we spoke about the challenges as well as the benefits to working from home. Today we’re sharing experiences working together from home.  For the longest time, I worked at home by myself while Bob commuted to the office.  One day we asked ourselves why are we paying unnecessary overhead expenses?

Create a Work Space That Fits Your Situation

When Bob started working from home too, what was my own work space, became a lot more crowded.  We have learned to work well together, but it didn’t happen over night. We have enough space to be in two separate rooms.  This gives us a little distance from one another. Having a wall separating our work spaces doesn’t feel like we’re spending twenty four hours together.

We understand this won't be possible for everyone. Creating separate work spaces, within one room works too.

Set Goals and Reward Yourself for Achieving Them

Taking breaks every couple hours increases productivity. Once a work goal is complete, we reward ourselves by doing something else, making lunch, taking a walk, turning on the TV for a few minutes. We eat lunch together and take breaks at the same time.  I’ll let you in on a little secret.  If we eat lunch at different times, I can hear Bob crunching from the other room.  My creativity plummets and my agitation skyrockets. 

Respect Each Other’s Differences

We’re telling you this, because the biggest reason we successfully work together … we respect each other’s quirks. We adapt instead of fight.  Bob very kindly crunches out of ear shot.

Another one ....

Instead of asking a technical question, Bob has learned to check with google first before interrupting focus and flow.  We only have so many hours in the day.  Our productivity and our resourcefulness has increased since we started working from home.  After all we are the tech, marketing, sales, finance, HR department .... sometimes working at home means we just have to figure it out!

Create Separation from Your Workday

When the workday ends, one of the biggest challenges is being able to separate from work.  A commute creates natural separation from the workplace.  Putting computers away, removing work papers helps to separate the work day from the rest of the day. This is something that's a discipline for both of us.  It's a little thing that makes a big difference.

Increased Job Satisfaction

For us, working at home is a privilege. Like anything, it took us a while to figure out a system that worked.  Now, we couldn’t imagine working any other way.  COVID-19 is forcing all of us out of our comfort zones. We believe once people experience what it’s like to work from home, more people will require this flexibility for job satisfaction.

Factors That Influence Job Satisfaction Will Change

The workplace is changing and COVID-19, we believe will accelerate these changes.  Leaders, owners of companies are being forced to adapt their leadership styles.  Employees are adapting their work patterns.  Although It doesn't feel like it right now, we will emerge from this crisis transformed for the better.  We will be better equipped to manage challenges in this digital era. 

Want to stop having all your eggs in one basket?

COVID-19 has shone a light on how most of us have all our eggs in one basket.  These times are too scary, too unpredictable to continue to let this happen. In this digital era, people can create multiple income streams so when unexpected crisis' happen, people can sleep at night.  Over night restaurants are closing, stores are shutting and most people don't have a plan B.

You can create your plan B by clicking this link.

Please reach out to us when you're ready to start your online business.

Wishing everyone good health in this difficult time.

Bye for now.

Adrienne and Bob