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Three Steps to Get Out of a Rut

Have you ever felt like you're in a rut?

Are you having a hard time breaking free of your current situation?  Staying in a rut too long can mean your dreams can slip away.  In this video we share three steps to break free and start moving forward.

1) Accept Responsibility For Your Own Life

We believe it’s human nature to blame something, or someone outside of ourselves for our circumstances.  The truth is, the older we get the more responsible we are for our situation.  Lots of things happen outside of our control, we get it!  We also make choices every day that contribute to where we are in life. 

Choosing a Different Direction

As consultants we worked too hard and have endured the roller coaster of income for years.  As we got older, it became more and more difficult to take, we were too old for this.   We made the choice to find something that would provide residual income that could be working while we sleep.

2) Ask Yourself the Tough Questions

Think about your life. Are there any areas where you want to change?  Getting out of the rut starts with the acknowledgement that you are in a rut and you are willing to do what it takes to break free. 

Consequences For Staying Stuck

We were in a rut telling ourselves if we kept working harder, one day we would be able to live our dreams we had put off for so long.  Bob had a health scare that made me accept our current reality had to change.  We wouldn’t wish that on anyone.

Pain of Staying Still Outweighs the Pain of Moving Forward

When the pain of keeping things "status quo" outweighs the pain of moving forward change happens.  The timing of this is different for all of us.  Sometimes, life forces us to make decisions to move us out of our rut like it did with us.  Life is funny that way, it has a way of getting the point across.  We received the message loudly and clearly.

3) Know Where You Want to Be

We have probably all known people who have hoped for and dreamed of success, but their goals are not specific enough to get them there.  Hope is not a strategy! 

 “If you don’t know where you want to go, you might end up someplace else."

Yogi Berra 

Vision is Powerful First Step to Maintain Forward Motion

The leaders at SFM know the importance of going beyond hope to discover what your ideal life looks like. This is the foundation of your online journey and is in module one. You might think this is a waste of time, we have come to know what an essential step this is.

What's Your Ideal Day in Your Ideal Life?

When the learning curve was steep we clung to the vision of our ideal day in our best life and this kept us moving forward.  Please reach out to us by responding to this email.  We would like to learn what brought you here and how we can help you achieve your ideal life.

Bye for now!

Adrienne and Bob